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Most aspects of our lives are affected by our credit scores, good or bad...or even non-existent. Our ability to buy or rent property, qualify for a credit card, and even the rates on our property insurance are partially determined by our credit scores. If you have never had credit, or if your credit has been mismanaged, know that there are things that can be done to get you on the road to recovery. The first step is knowing your credit score and what information is reporting to the bureaus. Click on the link to sign up for a FREE Credit Karma account. You will have instant access to your scores from two of the three main credit bureaus, you will see a list of your credit accounts and their payment histories, you will get updates any time your score changes, or any information on your report changes, and you will be matched with credit cards that you have a high potential for qualifying for based on your current history, etc. There are numerous benefits to having instant access to your financial information. 

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