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Are you taking advantage of all of the benefits that you are entitled to?

At Health and Wealth Management, we specialize in empowering businesses and individuals to achieve financial prosperity and security. Our comprehensive suite of services includes personalized financial planning, strategic investment advice, and cutting-edge online marketing solutions. With our proprietary Social AI tool, we help clients enhance their social media presence, driving engagement and growth. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on tax incentives and programs designed to optimize savings and boost your bottom line. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the path to financial success.


We'll set your goals and create a plan to achieve them

At Health and Wealth Management, we are dedicated to helping our clients save money and achieve their financial goals. We begin by analyzing your current operations and expenditures to determine where you can cut costs without sacrificing quality. We also look into any tax credits, grants, or benefits that you may be eligible for. In some cases, filing for these credits is the difference between keeping your doors open or having to file for bankruptcy. Today's economy is incredibly challenging and there are likely benefits you are entitled to that are going unclaimed. Let us show you how to drastically improve your bottom line. There is never a cost for an evaluation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) Filing

Have you filed for the ERC yet?

DISCLAIMER - There is legislation pending in Congress that will end this program effective January 31st, 2024, if it passes.

The ERC program was designed to help businesses that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the widespread coverage of this program, there are still a considerable number of eligible businesses that have not yet taken advantage of this incredible tax benefit. This IS NOT A LOAN. This is a tax credit worth up to $26,000 per eligible employee paid directly to your business. Time is running out to file for the entirety of the credit.  We work with some of the top CPA firms in the country and are incredibly skilled at the qualification and filing process. If you have not yet filed, we will do a thorough review to see if you qualify for all or part of the credit and if you do, we will guide you through the process. You have nothing to lose and a considerable amount to gain.

Wellness Benefits Program

Roll out a participatory benefits program for a net zero cost while simultaneously saving on your FICA taxes 

We work with a benefits provider who utilizes the tax code and the Affordable Care Act to offer a complete wellness benefits package to their qualified employees at a net zero cost to both the employer and the employee. Included in the package are health benefits, financial benefits, and a cash-building life insurance policy for all qualified employees, regardless of their health status. This can either replace what you currently offer or be implemented in addition to the benefits you already provide. This is a great way to help with employee retention with no out-of-pocket costs. Implementation of this program results in significant FICA tax savings paid by the employer!

Workers' Compensation Premium Reduction

Review your current policy and identify premium reduction options

We work on a referral basis with a national company that offers workers' compensation insurance to qualified businesses at wholesale rates in almost all states. They utilize several strategies to lower your premiums on average by twenty to fifty percent. In some situations, we can go back several years and recoup payments that were calculated incorrectly and overpaid. Don't wait until your current policy is up for renewal. Workers' comp premiums are some of the highest costs paid by businesses. Reach out today to find out if you qualify so that we can plan accordingly and offer the maximum savings available at renewal time, as well as recoup previously paid overpayments.

Credit Card Processing

Let us find the most cost-effective solution to credit card processing fees

Any business that accepts credit cards as a form of payment knows that credit card processing fees can be astronomical and a hefty expense to their bottom line. Merchant rates can vary greatly based on many things. What is the best option for one company may be the worst option for another. Let us analyze a recent statement and see how much we can save your business. You have the option of having all fees paid by the customer, or we can look to lower the fees you are currently paying. Either way, we could potentially save you a considerable amount of money every month. Sometimes, the burden of these fees is enough to put a company out of business. Let us perform a no-cost evaluation to find the best deal for you and your specific situation. 

Restaurant Delivery Fees

Let us show you how to offer delivery to your customers for an extremely low flat delivery fee, as well as get paid when your customers order from other restaurants

Here at Health and Wealth Management, we strive to offer services that are high quality, low maintenance, and low to zero fees and help you realize incredible profits. Restaurant delivery fees are notoriously high when outsourced, and even less feasible when handled in-house. We have partnered with a company that has found a way to get your food delivered for a small flat fee (not a percentage of the total) and allow you to get paid when your customers order from other area restaurants, or your (outsourced) drivers deliver to other area restaurants.  We will walk you through the process and have you up and running in a short amount of time. This is a game-changer in the delivery industry!

Group Health Care

Let us make sure you have the best employer coverage available

We will be happy to thoroughly evaluate your current employer-based group plan and make sure that you have the most affordable qualified insurance plan available.  Schedule an appointment now to make sure that you are enrolled in the best plan for your employees!  In today's market, there's a high turnover rate, leading to lost profits.  If you don't currently offer health insurance to your staff, consider setting up a group healthcare plan to attract loyal employees.  This can be done with as few as two employees!

Lower Gas and Electric Bills

If you are in a deregulated market, let us help you lower your monthly utility cost.

We have partnered with a company to offer energy in some of the deregulated markets. This program is not available nationwide but can offer huge savings for businesses in the available areas. If you are in a state where they operate, we can analyze a current bill and very quickly get you a current quote, likely with significant monthly savings. Even if you are currently locked in a contract, reach out for the free analysis so we can determine how to best help you realize lower energy costs.

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