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Current Deals and Promotions

This section is designed to promote current offers from around the web that have been vetted and can be taken advantage of by anybody. These offers will change frequently as many of them are limited-time promotions. Please take advantage of all offers that are helpful to you and share them with your friends and family. Many of the offers listed will provide you with a referral code to earn money for simply sharing a great deal with someone. If you know of a great deal that should be included in this, please forward a link with the information!

Click on the images for links to offers 

SoFi Bank is currently offering a $25 account-opening bonus when you open a checking account with a minimum of $50. Once your account is opened and funded, you then have a referral code to earn commissions (currently at $50) for each new member who opens a new account. SoFi limits commission amounts to $10,000 per calendar year. If you set up a direct deposit, you can earn up to an additional $300When accounts are funded via the Instant Transfer option, bonuses are typically deposited and available for use on the same day. To earn the bonuses, new accounts must be funded from an existing bank account listed in the new member's name and having the same address used on the SoFi account. Existing Sofi account holders are not eligible to receive the welcome bonus but are eligible to receive referral bonuses. Deposits originating from Venmo, PayPal, Apple Cash, Square Cash, etc. do not qualify for bonuses. Official terms are listed on the Sofi app.

Rakuten logo.jfif
Sign up for a free account on this site full of discounts and receive $30 after you spend $30 on something you were going to buy anyway. You will also receive a referral code to earn unlimited commissions on your referrals. Currently, if your friend signs up and spends $30, you both get a $30 reward. 

Acorns makes investing easy. Start with as little as $5 and watch your money grow as you invest spare change over time. Get $5 when you make your first $5 investment. Share with a friend and you and your friend each get $5 when your friend opens an account and makes their first investment. Frequently, Acorns offers bonuses to their members. The current offer gives you $555 deposited into your investment account if at least three people sign up using your referral link and make their first investment of $5. This offer expires 6/22/24.

Law Depot Generic_300x250Light.jpg

Law Depot offers a seven-day free trial to generate legal documents of all kinds. EVERYBODY should have basic estate planning documents such as a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, etc. and these documents are free to create and print in a matter of minutes. There are a multitude of legal documents available for business or personal use. Do you need marriage or divorce documents? Real estate documents? Business agreements? Sign up for the free trial and take advantage of all of the legal documents available. Cancel within seven days if you don't need ongoing access to the site.

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